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Age is Beauty

Estate, Vintage and Antique jewellery has an allure of history and craftsmanship that timeless beauty allows. With the helpful guidance and expertise of Dot and her team, finding the right piece for you or your loved one will be a wonderful experience.

Treasure Cove Antiques is renowned for delivering accurate and unbiased professional appraisals of vintage and estate jewellery. Each piece purchased comes with a Gem Grade Appraisal, a guarantee of authenticity stating the applicable facts about the item. This may include materials, metals, stones, weights, colors, sizes, dates and country of origin, if known.

With a wide selection of previously loved rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, precious gems, diamonds, and pearls you are sure to find your one-of-a- kind forever treasure.

Emerald ring

Emerald ring

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